Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Cranks Over But Will Not Start


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I have a old Yamaha G1 golf cart I think, not sure is there a way to make sure? It cranks over on the starter but will not start. I have power at the switch but dont know where to go from there.


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1. Gasoline
a. Discard old gas and use new fresh ones;
b. Is gas being pumped out and getting into carburetor? If not, blow air into the tank to prime the carb.
c. Still no gas flowing, check if fuel filter is clogged or dirty; replace if necessary. It costs less than 3 dollars.

2. Spark
a. Do you have spark? To check for spark, remove the spark plug, place near a ground point (with the plug inserted into its cable), crank the engine and check if there is spark.
b. No spark, replace spark plug. About 3 dollars.

3. Ignition coil: borrow or buy a new ignition coil.

There are other tests but just do the above first. Your engine may just run.


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The golf cart doesn't have any spark at the spark plug, I should have been more clear. I dont know what to check at this point. I have done all the other stuff. thanks for the help. Also where would be a good parts source?