Yamaha G1 Gas Golf Cart Won't Start


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I have a Yamaha G1 gas golf cart that won't start. I have gas going to the carburetor and have messed with just about everything new plug,and it's still wont start. It pudders I even put 93 in it ,it has been sitting for 3 years I got it off a buddy. Any idea's?


I am no expert at all and just joined myself so take my input with a grain of salt. sounds like you have spark if it sputters. I have a similar problem without the sputtering. In my research I have read that low compression would cause issue with it running, so i would check that for sure. Other than that it sounds like you have everything needed so the carb could be out of adjustment. But i would check compression first, compression is my problem 100%. other than that, I don't know and will be following this post for the responses from the smart guys. :)