Yamaha G1 Electric Golf Cart Wiring Diagram for Accessories

James G

New Member
Hello folks new member, thanks for the forum, I have an 1983 Yamaha G1 golf cart that came with a "street legal" package and has electrical issues with everything but the drive, it works fine. The only electric diagram the forum has for the G1 shows only drive style no accessories like Headlights,Tail lights, Turn and hazard lights, Brake lights and amp meter. does any one have a electric diagram that my show those systems? And if not where i might find such a critter. I would gratefully appreciate anyone guidance.


At some point someone probably added the street legal package. I haven't seen a factory Yamaha G1 wiring diagram the has brake lights and turn signals. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:
I agree that the lights were an add on as Yamaha g1 carts didn't come with lighting. But there in is your good news. You are 12v neg ground, so any generic wiring diagram will work for you.