Yamaha G1 Carb Joint Question


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Hey guys, found out that my buddies G1 was completely not stock. I have ordered all parts to get back to OEM. Just received the carb joint for the stock G1 Carb and it has a snorkel looking thing, isn't that going to suck in a bunch of air and lean out the motor? Does that snorkel have to be plugged? Or is it like an idle/air control type of a function?

Also, if you have some pics of your engine bay of your G1, specifically the carb and intake area would be greatly appreciated if you could post that up here in this post. I've got new everything on this G1.

Another thing i'm concerned about is the fact that the choke cable has a bracket for it setup on the carb itself which works out perfectly, but the accelerator cable side of the carb has nothing. I haven't seen the cart in a while, but does the frame of the cart or an engine cover have a bracket or something for the accelerator cable to be placed in?

I hope some people have some answers for me, I would really appreciate it if you do.


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The snorkel thing you mention if for a additonal closed type air box to mount to. I forget what they call them, but they add plenum space for 2 strokes. Also known as in the performance world as "roost box"