Yamaha Electric Golf Cart Stopped Like Batteries Are Dead


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I have a G22E Yamaha electric gold cart. I played 18 holes yesterday, came home plugged it in and mowed grass, I went to go again later and backed out of the garage ok but when I pushed forward the golf cart stopped and acts like the batteries are dead. I tried tow button off and on and nothing. I found the fuse and it is good, it sparked also so it has juice. I looked for loose wires and found none. For about six months there has been a buzz (to me like a stuck solenoid) but when it was taken in in February for a tuneup I asked the guy and he said it was normal? I tried checking with a meter some connections but the schematic in the owners manual isn't much. Do you have and suggestions what to check and or how. Thank you very much.


Start with checking ALL the cables and cable connections. The buzzing you heard was probably the controller. It's possible the controller is bad.