Yamaha Drive Power Increase


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First off let me introduce myself I'm a 48 year old golfer, that recently bought a new cart primarily for on the course usage. first cart ever owned and bought the Drive mainly because I liked the look and yamaha does have a good reputation.
However one thing I would like to do after using it over this past summer is increase the power somehow, I'm not looking for a hot rod but something that will pick up and go as much as some of the older golf course rental carts.
My father in-law has an older yamaha 2 stroke that flat out runs me and it would be nice to at least keep up.
I do have extensive abilities to work on engines from years of motorcycle repairs and maintenance. (owned harley's for 30 years) Has anyone tried to mod the intake and exhaust with some carb tinkering to increase power or is there an easier way?
I would love to hear about any and all ideas or methods anybody has tried.
Thanks and have a great day


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You could adjust the governor or by pass it completely. I've never worked on a Yamaha Drive but hopefully someone that has will tell you how to tweak the governer.


Just turn the nut all the way down on the threaded governer rod. Should give a little more top end. Get the Dixie power kit and main jet. That helped me with both top end and more lowend torque.


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where or how do I locate a dixie power kit? that seems to be a good idea on a place to start for a little more boost and the governor bolt, when you mention tighten the nut down that would mean screw the adjuter all the way in, i looked at the parts diagrams and it shows a locknut and thumb type screw, am I in the right ball park?
thanks for all the replies