Yamaha Drive Jake's Lift Kit


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Since I've been reading this forum and I must say some very nice golf carts are pictured here with top shelf workmanship. Makes me want to lift my cart.
I have been looking at the Jakes 3" lift kit (Yamaha Drive 3" Lift Kit with NEW & improved black powder coated spindles, Part #6249-3) for the new yamaha drive with the wheel tire combo of (205/30/12 Low Profile Tire on 12X7 Douglas 8-Spoke Rattlesnake Machined Finish Wheel, Part #8046-C)
I'm not looking for too radical of a cart but one that looks good and functions really well for the on course useage that I have planned.
So I have been searching all over the web for a few photos of such a combo on the stlye cart I have but to no avail. The size tire and wheel combo was recommended by Jake's to work with this lift,but a picture would be nice to see if anyone can direct me to one.
It would be greatly appreciated. when I get to the point of purchasing parts and doing mods I fully intend to post several pictures along the way.
Thanks for all the help and replies
Great site!