Yamaha 4-stroke cart


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I have just picked up a Yamaha gas 4-stroke cart, was told its a 1996 not sure of model.
when starting out it jerks really hard, like slamming into gear. No matter how slow and easy I try to start out it will snap hard and shake and jump the whole cart. Any help or suggestions would be great.


You have a G-2 and these had clutch weight problems.

The G-1s were really bad (clean and grease primary clutch bushing).

The secondary clutches were not much better. (on rear end)

The other problem is the throttle cables.

When your foot is off the gas pedal the carb throttle plate should be at idle or closed.

Most people stretch the cable brackets to get a little more speed out of these carts.

The is why the cables don`t return the throttle to idle. This makes the cart jerk when you take off.

You most likely have both of these as your problems.

The clutch weight links were made of aluminum and plastic. The pins wear too and need to be heated to remove the set screws holding them in place.

The weights were around 35.00 each X 3.