Yamaha 2 stroke


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slow to turnover and when it does it just keeps cranking but does not catch and fire.
Any help would be appreciated.


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i would start by making sure the battery is fully charged and passes a load test.


You have a few problems here.

When did the cart run last?

you can easily check spark just by removing the spark plug and wire

and letting it rest on the exhaust manifold with the spark plug in it.

When you crank the engine over It will turn over alot faster.

You will hear the spark on these engines. It will be a very loud arcing sound.
(they have the best spark of any engine)

If you just picked up the cart make sure it has good gas in it and prime it by blowing air
into the tank to prime the pump. (no fuel to carb)

These fuel pumps will not pull gas from the tank because the stem goes into the top.

These pumps only push fuel.

Start with that then I would check compression.

Spark is a common failure on these carts. If that is the case I will go through the list for you

or you can look at older posts I have responded to.

After you have spark and fuel I will help you with the slow cranking.

Remember most of these carts need crankshaft seals and rings to run.

any compression reading under about 90psi the engine will be very hard to start.

100 to 125 are normal and may be as high as 140psi

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i also have a g1 2 stroke and it is not getting spark i have replaced the spark plug and all of the wires that melted. any ideas thanks in advance