Yamaha 2 stroke missing parts


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Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:29 pm Post subject: Yamah



Working on a 86 Yamaha 2 cycle. replaced the jug and piston set. There are some parts missing. I do not have a service manual.
What's missing is a tube that connects to the rubber intake (just before the reed valve housing)....the carb mounts just before this tube. Seems it was broken off long ago. It did run before I disassembled it but not good. I know this opening there would cause vaccuum to be low....maybe reason for being sluggish.
The piston and cylinder was really bad.
At customers request, I am disabling the oil injection system and mixing the fuel in the tank.
Any ideas on this missing tube would be appreciated or maybe I can just plug it off...?

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Tom Howell Mi.


There's a parts manual in the Yamaha Resource Forum here. The parts manual calls the part "hose". The part number is in the manual. You can download the manual here.