Worn Driven Clutch

I'm done.

Thinkin about it that is.....

So I have some 1.25 nylon sheet I plan on taking a hole saw to. Then when I get my disk with the proper size hole in the middle, I'll plane of a couple 1/16" slabs and try one right on up in between her sheaves there. :unsure: I suspect a 1/16" will do, but before I disassemble the driven to slide on a solid disk, I thought I would cut one side and force it over to fit test. I want to take about an inch out of the OD of this new driven.

Whole family has been sick with the flu all week, including myself. So I'll be glad to get back out in the shop and get the smell of shop heat going again.

Going to be trying out some billet wheel spacers I been working on to see how they work. Should have some machine time tomorrow I can play with. After I get the bugs out I'll post em up.