Worn Driven Clutch

While prepping for the new drive clutch, thought I'd post a picture of the worn out driven clutch. No reason to believe this wouldn't be just as worn out as the primary, right? Question is, can I get away with it for a while? Will I still see improvement when I install the primary if I don't replace the secondary right away?



Looks like it's bent and worn out...
Thanks HRC :hattip:
It's on a Dana differential. 96 Melex golf cart, stock 9 hp Briggs Vanguard, (for now), lifted with 22s. I'm putting an ezgo primary in as soon as it arrives.

Making the assumption I should shop for an ezgo secondary to match the primary's belt width spec, does anyone know if the shaft diameter and type is universal? Will an ezgo driven clutch fit a Dana shaft?


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my gut is tellin' me the ezgo driven won't fit, the ezgo mounts the other way and is splined. you need to pull it off to make sure but I think yours maybe a straight shaft with a keyway. :dazed:
It's a 7/8 inch shaft. Sorry guys, I held my tape to it and eyeballed it earlier. Got to thinking i should go check with the calipers and it's 7/8", on a brighter note, it does in fact have a key way.


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its a little bigger diameter but may work, the belt width is a bit smaller but a spacer would fix that
Dude, mad props to ya on that find. I was all over that site and found everything to be in the $200 range. Can't thank you enough. Heck at that price if it last till Summertime I'll be happy. And the larger diameter should launch pretty good too, no?

It has a 1 1/8" belt on it now. When I get the 1 3/16" belt so the drive clutch will reach it's tallest ratio, will a driven clutch made to run a 1 1/8" belt open far enough for the extra 1/16th to get down far enough to reach it's tallest ratio? I guess some testing is in order.
Also noteworthy, this clutch has a lower torque value than the old one. In other words, it's easier to load the spring and open it up by hand than the old one. I will post any noticeable performance differences here when I'm able to test.
No way to tell how much difference the driven clutch makes with having replaced both drive and driven at the same time. All I can say is it works well. Thanks everyone!


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i have nylon bar stock so i just turn that to what i need but would think machinery shims should do the trick.