Workhorse 1200 electrical problem


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I have a intermittent probelm with a EZ-GO Workhorse 1200 cart I'm fixing.
It will start and run fine for 2 to 3 minutes (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter)
It will turn over but will not fire.
I have checked the fuel and that's not the issue.
I have checked for 12 volts at the coil and thats fine even when it won't start.
I have switched out the coil with another one and still quits.
I have noticed that when I move the wiring around by the solinoid and the (What I call the brain box) it will fire up and run.
I have went over the wiring in that area and can't seem the find anything wrong.
Could it be the "Brain box" giving me the problem?


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Always check your valve clearance when diagnosing motor problems. Maladjusted valves can cause hard to start and low power issues.