wobble in rear tires


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before i installed my new tires+wheels the old tires+wheels wobbled! have not tried the new ones yet is there outer bearings in the rear end and do i have to torque the lug nuts ? please let me know asap thanx jasmine...


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first of all make sure that you tighten all the bolts evenly because it is possible to warp the wheel center if you tighten 1 as tight as you can and then tighten another i have seen this happen before also make sure that your tires are seated evenly all way around the rims on both sides. one way that i use to check the wobble and it is the old fashioned way is to jack both wheels off the floor then i place a coke bottle as close to the tire as possible without touching the tire and spin the wheel and look to see if the tire either touches or moves away from the bottle you could also use a straight edge to do this. i do not know what the bolts need to be torqued to myself but i have seen it refered to on this site before. hope this will help to identify some of your problem as you can probably tell i am an old shade tree mechanic looking for the most simple things first.