wiring woes


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ok, I am ready to start this project. I have ordered a manual and now just waiting for it to arrive. in the meantime, My starter/gen has two wires coming out of it. a red and a green. where do they go?? they are cut off about 6" from the end, and I do not see the other ends anywhere.


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You didn't share the vintage of your car so I can only comment on '97 and up DS gas Club Cars which I currently have the schematic in front of me.

The 97 and up cars actually should have 5 posts on the starter/generator. There should be 4 wires attached to it and one green wire that attaches 2 posts on the unit itself. There is a #6 braided ground wire id'd as A1 which connects to frame ground, a #6 green wire id'd as A2 connecting to F1 on the starter/generator, a #6 white wire attached from F2 to the solenoid, and a #16 yellow wire from DF to the regulator.

Hope this is helpful.

Good luck!


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i know this is an old post but i have a problem where i replaced the starter generator and the cart ran well for a few trips around the neighbourhood and then after it stopped once it was dead and wouldnt go. the solenoid still kicks in and although i dont really know how to use a multimeter i connected it to all the wires going to the starter and i am getting 12v. i also connected it to the yellow wire coming from the regulator to the starter and it only read 1.6. i may be reading or connecting it wrong but should i be getting 12 v running through that yellow wire? i also got a black starter which ran anti clockwise when i installed it so the supplier said change the polarity and i switched out the white wire and the green and it spun clockwise is this ok to do ?


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I am hoping that an in the know person will answer you soon. I know you said that you got 12 v when you put the meter on some leads, but first things first. Have you put a charger on the battery? When you made the starter run back wards, perhaps it will not charge in that mode.


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yes i did and even after running for the day before it stopped the first thing i did was check the battery and it was still strong


What year is the cart? What's the battery voltage? Does the cart turn over with the charger hooked up and running?


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Last time that happened to me the ground had broke off or its just barely connected, the ground that goes from the gen. above it to the frame, it bet its loose or almost broke off..............