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I have just been given a EZGO electric cart that doesn't run. The guy that gave it to me said he drove it and parked it under a shed and over time rats got inside it. Then his dogs tried to get to the rats. One of them has destroyed some wiring. I have found several sets of numbers on the cart G3 99 1189852 and EZGO Textron 27647-G01. If anyone can give me some info on the cart and where I should start I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance.


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G3 99 says it's a 1999 model.
27647-G01 is the part number for the safety decal on the dash.
We'll get you a wiring diagram but first we need some answers to see what you have.
Does it have a tow/run switch?
Is the FNR Switch a "T" handle by your leg or a rocker switch on the dash?
What part of the wiring did the rats, dogs or you chew?


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I'm in the same boat as the guy with the rat wiring problem. I got ahold of an ezgo that doesn't run, and figured I could wire it up with a few wiring diagrams. All my wires are gone, and Ive just
about got everything wired up. But every diagram I get ahold of is a little different and it is making me crazy. I'm stuck on the coil and the wires that go to the switches on the accelerator
board and the FNR lever. Some diagrams have one side of the coil wired to the battery, and others have it wired to the FNR switch. And the switches are always wired different, depending on the diagram. PLEEEEZ help me with a diagram!!!
Serial Number is 79M8 188486 EZGO TEXTRON.

Has 6 6v. batteries, one switch on the FNR panel, and 2 switches on the accelerator board.
The coil (solenoid?) is on top of the accel. board and I think it's a little buzzer next to it with
two connections. It has a tow hitch, so somehow it should be able to tow something.
The FNR is a lever under the seat between the legs that flips back and forth, and there is
a little knob that is next to it that pulls out for something, but don't know what.


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cora.... Sounds like a DCS cart.... built from 95-99.....Well I don't know now....
Does it have a hitch or a RUN/TOW Switch???


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"I'm not sure what the switch is by the forward and reverse switch. If the cart has lights it could be for them. Is there any wires hooked to the switch? If so where do they go? "

There are no wires hooked to anything. Even the wires underneath the cart are all ripped
out and hanging. It probably is a light switch, so I won't worry about that. I'll hook up
lights later, after I get it running. I'm trying to bypass everything that is not absolutely necessary to get it moving. Like a back up beeper, etc. Dont care. Just want it to move, then I'll worry about that junk.

Yes it has a hitch, but I don't know what the run/tow switch looks like. there is also a rubber
push button hanging off a wire underneath that looks kind of like a bulb on a 2 stroke you push to get the gas into the carb. Don't know what that is either, but it's probably not needed either at this time. Just need to get the switches on the accelerator board and the FNR board hooked in,
and find out what 4 wires go into the coil/sol ?. 2 small screws on top, bigger ones on either side.


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Hey, thanks for the reply! I have that diagram, but it leaves me stuck at the solenoid. My solenoid
(coil?) has 4 screws on it: 2 on the sides, and two at the top. This diagram has only 2 wires leading to the solenoid.... And it only has a FR switch with 2 contacts for wires.
I think I probably have every damn diagram out there, but they all contradict each other in some way or another at the solenoid/switch level.

I had one ignition wire going to the switch on the FNR panel, as per 1 diagram. Then another
one has the ignition going to the solenoid on a top screw, and the other wire from sol. to a switch on the accel. board. Most diagrams have 2 switches on the FNR board, and one on the accel.
I have the opposite: 2 on the accel and one on the FNR. Maybe I am missing a switch on the FNR
board, but that doesn't explain having 2 on the accel board when all the diagrams have 1.



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Hi, remember me?
Sorry I took so long to put these pics up, I had some problems figuring out where to put them.

I am desperate, so I hope someone can throw me a little bone because I am stuck.
Out of ideas, and I don't know what to test or how, to figure out which part is bad.

Oh, the serial number is:


I wish I could be of more help but it's hard to tell by looking at your pictures. All I can say is someone has done some butchering on the wiring. Maybe someone else with more experience on the older EZGO's will chime in.


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Can anyone at least tell me if that diagram applies to this cart? IE if I wired it
exactly like the diagram, should it work?

Do I have a potentiometer? If so, where would it be? Same question for a control

Do I need two switches in the accelerator panel? I have 2 but the diagram has only one,
so I have the right switch unwired.

Diagram has 2 switches in FNR panel, I have only 1. do I need the other one?
sw1 sw2
/ \ / \ so if I just have sw2 hooked up to key and sol and
buzzer key sol

forget the buzzer, that should be ok, right?

Does anyone know what the white knob in the front and the pushbutton
are for?


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Man do you know how long it took me to take those pics, figure out how to post them on the internet so I could link to them here, and plead for help in 3 different posts. And nobody says a word. Not even a crumb of info. Is it something I said? You guys asked for pics, and I posted them, PLUS I hand drew a picture of how I had my cart wired up. I asked for just a simple
Yes or No whether or not I had the major pieces wired up correctly. Why won't anyone help me?


It's really hard to tell from your pictures. Apparently you bought a cart that someone hacked the wiring on. If you wired the cart like the diagram you posted it's wired correctly. What does the cart do when you press the throttle? Does the soleniod click? Does the cart try to move? It's hard to follow this when you have several threads with different questions about the same problem. It would be much easier if all your posts about one problem were in the same thread.
I'm not trying to be a jerk but just trying to make it easier for people to help you.


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hi, the diagram your using is a good one. i've used it alot of times. you might want to look at the other one at that sight the Legend one as you will see it also has the 3 microswitches but it explains the wiring configuration a little better. as you can go from switch to switch. Have you checked the switches to see if they are good? I use a 12 volt tester light to check mine. from what i see in the pics. the bulb thing is a floor mount horn button the rubber keeps the dirt and water off when you step on it. the pull switch is either a make shift key switch or for lights. I dont know if you checked the contact on the accel board it is spring loaded if the spring hangs up you might lose power to the accel board. i have wired a few antique carts from scratch and the best advice i can give you is check everything out twice and take your time. it is easier to do it right the first time then to explain why it dont work the second time. L.O.L. to answer some of your questions no you dont have a potetionmeter if you had one it would be were the rod from the accel pedal hooks to and look like a little silver box with a spring inside. i think i answered the switch question already check the legend diagram out the one that is side ways. you could hook it up like the diagram you have but you would need a switch to match the one with a roller on the FnR make sure it as an indent on FnR for the other switch. then the front switch on the accel board would be left unhooked. hope this helps. I'll try to help if i can. later O.C.F.