Wiring Problem (I think)


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I bought a very used 1993 EZ Go cart last spring. I used it last season with little or no troubles. A few weeks ago I had a problem that started like this. I would be parked and when I tried to hit the accelerator to go forward I would hear the solenoid click and that was all. I could then put it in reverse and it would engage the motor. Then I could put it back in forward and drive as per usual.

This went on for a few days until finally I get no movement in either F or R. As I said I hear the solenoid click in both directions but no go.

I removed the seat to take a look and make sure there were no obvious broken wires etc. I found a wire that is obviously broken off at the lug but I cant tell where it is supposed to go. I downloaded a wiring diagram and the diagram is a little less that perfect in that it really doesn't show all wires and all possible connections.

The wire in question is a white wire (may be original) that comes off of the bottom of the F - N - R switch.

What do you think my next step is?

See pics at:my photobucket golf cart pics

Click the pics to read my descriptions.

Thanks for looking!


The white wire runs from one of the connections on your double throw micro switch to number six battery positive on the passenger side. Looks to me that you are also missing a cable from solenoid large post that goes to number one battery positive. It is kinda hard to explain on the forum. Someone could have bypassed some switches making it confusing. If you would like to send me your e-mail address, I can send you the power wiring diagram for your cart.


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@ Caddie,

There is a bit of an old connector still attached to the end of the white wire. I can't find any trace of the other half of the connector though.


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Thanks so much, Tim. This diagram is so much more complete than the one I had
been trying to look at. I will have a chance to get out and put it to the test
tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find.