wiring lights


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Hi i'm new to this place, heard it was good. I need help with this problem. I have a WorkHorse 1200 and is trying to put turning signals.

This pic is the front of the cart where there is the head lights.


In the head light harness there are 6 lights 2 of witch on each side are orange.
Before I ask there is also in the back of on/off switch for the headlights n igition plate. There is 2 loose wires that are ground n positive and there is also a piece that has 5 wires connected to it that you need a female piece connect to that.

Now my question is what are the loose wires and the piece that has five wires to it for. What can I do to make turn signals work.

P.S. Is there a wiring diagram for my cart. Thanks Mike


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The wires you're talking about are for turn signals and flasher. I don't have the wiring pin out handy for the 5 wire plug. Take a look in the ezgo resource section here and download the manual. It should have the wiring diagrams in it.


The turn signal switch (EZGO part# 75107-G02) will plug into the plug with 5 wires. One of the loose wires also will plug into the loom that comes with the switch. The other wires are for the flasher (EZGO part # 21640-G1). You can use a aftermarket turn signal switch but you would more than likely have to cut the plug off and splice the wires.