Wiring Lights To Ignition Switch


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My lights on my EZGO gas golf cart are currently wired straight to the battery using a switch to turn them on. I would like to wire them thru the ignition switch so I won't accidently run down my battery. Is there any problem with wiring the lights to the ignition switch? How do I go about it? The golf cart is a 1990 EZGO 2 stroke.


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Simple, instead of having the positive wire from the light switch run to the battery, have it run to the switched side of the ignition switch.


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I know this is an old thread but it’s right up my questions alley. I put an electric fuel pump and lights (led headlight and tail lights) on my 85 EZGO. They both are running off relays, on a fused panel, and all I want are signal wires running off the keyed switch. Will the switch handle this? I’m also thinking of putting an accessory fuse panel coming off that wire, using 6ga from the switch to the panel and sending fused power back out to all my signal wires and down to the micro switch. Just doing the fuse panel to tiddy up a bit. Does anyone see any problems with this.