Wiring Diagram Information for a Taylor-Dunn Townmaster


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I'm looking for some information and a wiring diagram for a Taylor Dunn C4-10 Towmaster, later model, its 36 volts. Runs great but has 12 volt items; lights, horn, wipers, turn sigs & etc. However, NO 12 Volts. Where does it all tie in? It speaks of the 12 volt options being wired into the battery pack but no wires.

Also, does this vehicle use a large "fork lift type" battery pack? I have 6, 36 volt batteries in it now.

I cant find info anywhere.....

Thanks for any help.


Rusty, I'm trying to find some info for you on the TD Towmaster. So far I haven't found much on it. I did come across this site that has some specs on it. By looking at the battery weight and the 60 amp charger I would say it uses some big batteries. I'll keep looking and see if I can find some more info on it.


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Thanks HRC.......

Trust me when I say, "I have worn out the entire internet looking for Taylor Dunn stuff and there is nothing there that I need". It must be a big secret! :unsure: But thanks for trying.

I have it going just fine now and found where the wires go and all is well. But I still need a manual, or some scanned in pages with part numbers.