Wiring Diagram for 1984 Hyundi Gas Golf cart


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I melted my wires on my 1984 Hyundi golf Cart. I need to know where a few wires go from the solinoid up. Any help would be appreciated.


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I have the same problem.
no help found at cart shop, or here.

I guess I will just fumble through the mess and try to draw up a skecth of things as I go.


Hyundai Wiring Diagrams are hard to come by seeing how the carts were only made a short time. I'm trying to find some info for you guys on the Hyundai Gas Wiring Digram. If anybody else has a wiring diagram or can help I'm sure they'll jump in.


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I have traced the wiring part way (up to backup buzzer) today. I will work more on it tommorrow.
I will draw up a rough sketch when I get time.


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I got mine going without having to rewire much at all, check your ground.
repair or replace toasted wires.
I put automotive ground cable to the frame after cleaning up everything in sight.

Check the brushes in your starter-genrator. Don't over fuze the thing, when it says 10 amp it means it. I found out the hard way!