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Hey guys! Well, my 81? 88? EZ-GO XI875 medical cart is running! I charged the batteries individually with my car charger, replaced the cables that link the batteries together, and got everything running. I bought a 36 volt charger online and hooked it up for an hour. The thing runs awesome and is actually pretty quick.

Couple of questions though... the first is, what are all the solenoids for? I have three solenoids. I THINK two of them are hooked up, and the third one isn't. They are hooked up in sequence, but the "excitor" or whatever wire that is, I don't believe is actually hooked up. How would I know? Would the cart go faster if all three of them were hooked up as apposed to just two of them? What is the purpose of having multiple as apposed to just one?

Second question is... I have a set of lights on the front of my cart. There are a number of leads that were hap-hazardly hooked up to various batteries. When I hook up the negative wire, two batteries down (giving it 12 volts), they are very dim. When I hooked it up three down, giving it... OOOH... I just answered my question. That's actually the POSITIVE wire, and since I just happen to be hooking it up to the negative lead on the next battery, that's STILL technically the POSITIVE lead from the 2nd battery, so it's ACTUALLY getting 12 volts.


Ok, I guess my main question is, if anyone would be so kind as to explain exactly what the purpose of the solenoids are, what kind of voltage the excitor wires are supposed to be getting, and what the purpose of having multiple ones as apposed to just one?

Here's a pic of the cart in case no one has seen it...


Thanks guys!!!


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3 solenoids chances are 1 is the master and the other 2 are 1st and 2nd speed......if cart is running master is good so your missing a speed.................as for the lights the positive should be hooked to a pos. terminal on battery and the ground should be hooked to the neg. terminal on battery next to it giving you your 12 volts.......on an electric cart everything gets grounded to a neg. terminal of a battery no grounds to frame or anywhere else.......this is a 36 volt cart right? if not than light wires will need to be hooked different so you get your 12 volts but any ground will still go to a battery..............what year cart?


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When you flip that hinged panel back, the one behind the passenger seat, does it also have a cushion on it?
That has a strong resemblance to a Cushman Truckster. I think that is what they were called. They had a few at work. But that was long, long ago in a world far, far away. It's only been, about, 7 years. It seems more like a life time.


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This is actually an EZ-GO. It came from Joe Robbie / Pro Player (now called Dolphin Stadium).

That panel actually doesn't flip up. It's bolted down. On the other side of the golf cart, there is no opening, it's a completely flush panel.

As far as age, I think it's either an 81, or a 1988. I was told it came from 81, but I ran the serial number against someone on here that knows a lot, and they suggested it would be an 88, which co-incides with the year the stadium was built.

Oh, I noticed that while I was cruising down the street, the front of the cart bounced up and down like crazy. I'm going to check tomorrow, but are there shocks available for the cart? I know I have leaf springs in the back.

Thanks guys...


A lot of those were used for in house ambulances, the solid rear on the passenger side was used for the gurney all large factories i have been in have one.. Nice find by the way. You could sell that to old CopB to haul all his old lady friends around.


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Thanks, yeah, I love this cart, it's awesome. I'm having a blast in it. I had my wife drive me around while I sat in the medic seat just for fun. I'd love to sell it because I know I could get some decent money for it. I was told that it was used in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. I don't really WANT to sell it though, and I don't think I could as long as I'm still employed with them. But it's totally cool never the less.

I find this cart to be VERY interesting. The entire thing is made of painted diamond plate steel. There's NO plastic on it anywhere, except for the steering wheel and a couple of small miscellaneous parts. The whole flat-bed (and the solid rear plate behind the passenger seat are all layered with a steel plate. What's also weird is that the front wheels are 4-lugs, and the rear wheels are 5 lugs. I thought that was kind of interesting. It has hydraulic brakes too which I thought was kind of cool.