Wiring a Radio in my EZGO


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Hello all, new to forum here. I had purchased a 2002 Electric EZGO last year. Use it rarely during the camping season. Have spruced it up some with head / tail lights and fancier wheel covers. I am fairly mechanically handy, but I must admit I get confused easy with all these batteries.

While hooking up the lights and after blowing several fuses and bulbs, I finally got them working and they are still working perfect. Now I want to put in an overhead radio / cd player, but am a bit gun shy and have some questions about wiring the radio.

So a couple of questions if I may.

1. Do they make something like a converter that I could wire all my 12 volt items to, such as horn / signals / radio into?

2. Is there a manual out there that explains the workings of all these batteries tied together?

3. The plate on my cart reads ( inside passenger side glove compartment ) Top Line M102......Bottom line ........1556545 So my cart was made in December on a Monday in 2002correct?

Thanks for your time.


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You could wire your accessories by:
1 - Use 2 of the 6v batteries for 12v
2 - Use a separate 12v battery
3 - Use a 36v-12v reducer
Have a look in the resource forum for wiring diagrams and manuals.


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Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum sumbroke!

If you want to wire that radio in your EZGO, just holler, and we can get you there.