wires getting hot


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I have a 97 ezgo txt. The cable from the charger gets hot when i plug it into my cart. Does anyone know what may be causing this? Also the positive cable comming of the batteries gets very hot when I drive my cart? Please help I am new to this carting thing!!!


Clean the contacts on the charger plug and receptacle on the cart. If the charger plug still gets hot after cleaning you'll need to replace the terminals in the handle and cart.

Heat is caused from a bad connection or bad cable. Check the cable and connections on ALL cables and make sure they're clean and tight...


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FYI for everyone,
just had a ezgo tech come to the course and change ALL the wires on all 70 carts, old wires were 6 gage and he changed them to 4 gage, they said it was an upgrade for the fleet of carts, via ezgo orders themselves, so something is up with the 6 gage not takeing the load.
just passing the buck guys