Wire Battery Charger on a Club Car With OBC Bypassed

Hi I was wondering how to wire the battery charger plug without using the OBC on my Club Car golf cart? I know it is not recommended but I bypassed the OBC and still want to charge the golf cart with the stock battery charger. I will use an outlet timer for the charger to plug into.
Mike K


The charger will work but won't shut off automatically.

You'll either need to add a timer board to the charger or use a charger that already has a timer.


If you have a 48v Power Drive charger You can bypass the OBC by bypassing the relay in the charger. See the topic on page 5 last post dated March 5 2010 topic Club car-club car won't charge. :hattip:
Thanks! I was planing on getting an outlet timer. Do you have any idea what the longest is that I should let it charge? Thanks again!
Mike K
Well I found out how to wire my charger. I have a 1995 powerdrive 48 club car with a power drive charger. I put the red wire on #1 Positive, the black wire on #6 negative and the gray wire with the inline fuse on the #6 negative also. The gray wire triggers the relay inside the charger. I plugged it into an outlet timer and it worked great! Thanks for the help!
Mike K
Well I think the OBC was bad. I could not get the cart to run. I put in a new motor, new forward and reverse switch, new solenoid, new controller, and converted it to 4 wheel drive. I wired it from scratch and now it runs Great!


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Please keep in mind that the OBC is there for a reason. It monitors the battery pack voltage and tells the charger how hard or how soft to charge. Also, at 80% charge, the batteries go into a slow charge cycle. When using an outlet timer without the OBC the charger is going to charge at full voltage all the time. This will cause the batteries to "GAS" and it will drastically reduce the life of the batteries. Do yourself a favor, get a new OBC. :twocents: