Windshield for EZGO Golf Cart With Custom Roll Cage


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I have a custom roll cage on my EZGO golf cart. It is built out of 1" round tubing. I want to install a plexiglass windshield and need some mounting advice. I will be taking this cart with me as I travel. Should I mount the windshield permanently or removable? Should I hinge it in the middle, is this personal preference or does it serve some purpose? Does anyone know of any cushioned mounting brackets for round tubing? If I mount it permanently I plan on making cushions to go between the glass and the tubing out of 1" rubber hose cut into 1" square pieces. Does anyone have any tips or traps about this project?


Hinged is nice for letting some air in on a hot day. I've used rubber grommets for cushions between the windshield and the roll bar.