Windows 10 Creators Update Failing On Asus Desktop Computer CM6730


I made many attempts to update my ASUS CM6730 from the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to the Creators Edition (Creators Update), It always locked up around 40 or 42% after the first system reboot, with the 'rolling' animation ground to a halt. This almost always points to a hardware problem.

I did everything to find the bad hardware! I disconnected all of the USB devices, updated all drivers, did a clean reboot, did a driver uninstall on my NVIDIA drivers and uninstalled every program. Then resorted to a clean install of Windows 10 Creators Edition. Nothing worked.

Each reboot reported "0xc1900101 - 0x30018 the installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP operation"

Windows 10 would then reboot the computer with a message restoring previous version of Windows.

So I basically had a computer that couldn't be used unless I disconnected from the internet. I found a registry hack that forced Windows update off and used the computer until the Windows 10 Creators Update Fall Edition came out a couple weeks ago. Then the whole process started over. Every time I booted the Asus 6730 Windows would start downloading the Fall Creators Edition and fail with the system then restoring the previous version of Windows 10. Upon reboot it would start downloading the Creators update again and fail during install.

Finally after searching for weeks I cracked open the PC and pulled out my PCIe wireless card. Rebooting after removing the wireless card the update began to download again and installed without any issues.

The Wireless card is a ASUS branded MediaTek Railink technologies RT3090 wireless card.


Once the Creators Update was installed, I was able to reinstall the card without incident.

This problem probably applies to any system using a P8H61 or P8H77 motherboard. The P8H77-M PRO (CM6870) is affected, as are other ASUS desktops like the ASUS CMXXXX series with a P8H61‑M PRO with that RT3090 wireless card.

I'm posting this here because there's not much information that actually works to be found about the Windows 10 Creators Edition failing to install on Asus desktop computers. Hopefully this will help someone searching the web once this is indexed by the search engines.


It really pissed me off. It started happening at the same time I was upgrading the forum software and all my web tools are on the computer that was having the problem updating.
Other than this one problem I have no complaints with Windows 10. I have it installed on 3 desktops and 3 laptops and they've been fine except for my main desktop. Hopefully it won't give me trouble with the next update.

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My Dell laptop is still running build 1607 of Windows 10. Windows update is still giving me updates for 1607?