winch and lights


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got my cheapo harbor freight winch installed today on the axle for now..installed the rear lights
and made some auminum pedal covers for cheap..ive had the alum a long while and it needs
polished bad.i rubbed it by hand a little but it will do for now.heres some pics..





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yes,theres a few holes in the steel where the pedals are and i just used the holes so i didnt have to drill
into the steel..just a little measureing,thanks,john


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well we went to the ocala national forest sat and did a 20 mile trail ride without any problems and
had a great time..i didnt beat it up to bad thankfully..
the shorter belt hrc recomended worked so great as far as toque goes that when i come to a few
good inclines i just smashed the gas and it tore its way up the hill,fun fun fun..

the only thing i noticed was when gassing up the hills and bumps sometimes it would stumble as if
it was loading up on fuel but i really think it was all the off kilter bumps and hills makeing the
needle and seat fluctuate..i wonder if they make a off road needle and seat for the carb
like they do for a eldelbrock carb,guess i will start looking,john