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My 1988 2-cycle just died while in use. While trouble shooting the cart, I found that there was good spark, that the plug was moist from gas, and compression was around 130#. The engine would seem to start, but there was not enough power to make the cart move. The strange part was that gas was blowing out of the air intake side of the carb. I removed the muffler next and then the cart started, and had power to move. I took a air hose and blowed air through the muffer. It seemed to not have a restriction. I then reinstalled the muffer on to the engine. Again the engine would not get enough power to move. I then again removed the muffer, and the engine would move again. I did at this point still see a much smaller amount of gas coming from the carb. air intake side. Could this be a reed valve problem, or should I just go out and buy a new muffer, at around $150 Thanks for any thought


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it could something stuck in a reed since it happen out of no where, its easy enough to check. bad crank seals will also cause that problem but would show up over time, unless the cart had been sitting for a yr or more.

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Thanks for the reed idea, I will check that out. But I had taken the carb apart to clean it. I have the manual, and a spare carb. For adjusting the float, according to the manual, there is 2 tangs. #1 is attached to the float, and controls the needle valve. #2.,looks like it could be on the float rod, and makes contact with the carb wall. Ploblem is neither carb has this tag #2. Are these carbs missing a piece,It seems strange I could have lost 2 of the same pieces! Again this is a 1988 2 cycle ez go. Help!