Will My EZGO Golf Cart Fit In a Pickup Truck?


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Hello everyone,

I am a new member and a new owner of a 2015 EZGO TXT. It is currently bone stock.

I show the length of my cart to 93". I have a long bed 2012 F350 pickup truck that I measured to be 96". Will my EZGO golf cart fit in the back of a pickup truck. Has anyone here used this setup for hauling their cart successfully? (I tow a bumper pull TT and would need to use the truck bed for the cart)

On the same note, it looks like if I were to purchase a back seat for the cart, the overall length would be extended by several inches. Does anyone know how far it extends once the rear seat is added?

I am looking for a rear seat that won't extend the total length of the cart. Do you have any suggestions on what I could use? Thanks for your time!


Hi, Yes it should fit in the pickup truck bed with no problem. I see guys hauling golf carts like that quite a bit.

As far as a rear seat that won't make the total length of the cart longer I don't know of any but I have seen one that the step folded up on (not sure who made it). Maybe someone else does.

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