Will a Shorter Drive Belt Increase Torque?


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Will a shorter drive belt increase torque? I am new to the cart world and have been reading old posts lately to catch up. Question is, what are the pros and cons of installing a slightly shorter belt. There is talk on BGW that a shorter belt increases torque to a point of being able to turn a cart over. :rolleyes: Dont know how true this is but Im sure you guys would know. The cart I have is a 2004 CC 4" lift and soon to be on 20" tires. The clutch machining is on the list of things to do along with the torque spring but BGW makes it seem like those benefits can be had with this shorter belt.


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A shorter belt is the easiest thing to try and does help in most cases. The stock engine does not have the power to flip it so they're feeding you BS over there. :rotflmao:
Sometimes the shorter belt deal will make them a little jumpy when they first take off. :twocents: