Will 2004 48V Club Car OBC work on 1995 Club Car DS 48V


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My 1995 Club Car has 48.7V at battery pack but only 36.1 at the charger receptacle, leading me to believe that the OBC is malfunctioning, causing the Powerdrive charger not to start the charging cycle. I have an a 2004 Club car which has a good OBC and controller. Controller is the same as the 95 CC, but the OBC is a little different. I'm wondering why the 04 OBC wouldn't work?


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The black wire from the charger receptacle to the OBC and then to the batteries has an SCR in line this will cause the voltage to differ the SCR controls the charging to the batteries . So with the old OBC back on the cart what is the problem ? If you ground the gray wire from the charge receptacle to the negative of the battery pack the charger should kick on