Wild Ride at the Drag Strip In My Golf Cart


(HotRodCarts @ February 25, 2016 - 05:27 PM) Gornoman, If you let Robby use your account here again it's a perma ban.

Have a nice day. :hattip:
Never happened. No reason to get excited.

edit: Perhaps it did happen today. He had my info a while ago, but I just changed it, so no worries there.


I believe this has happened a few years ago with you giving people your log in info here. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. :hattip:


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I just don't get it . I built owned and enjoyed my machine shop for over 13 years. And for 13 years I did business with the world's third largest oilfield service company. With all the buy outs thru the past 10 years. Today they are known as Baker Hughes. But in order to keep my doors open l had to deliver Quality Parts & on time. No advertisement no bull:censored: no smoking mirrors. Just Quality Parts and on time.

But Robby , worlds fastest golf cart has done just that. Made a living out of smoke & mirrors. At one time he was buying rebuilt golf cart motors painting them red and selling them with a welded on handle that he tried to patent. Now some say that is just good profitable business. I say that is misleading advertisement. Its one thing to buy that rebuilt motor wholesale and sell it retail. That is understandable. But he claims to be the manufacturer of that motor. Smoke & mirrors . Just as he claims to be the worlds fastest golf cart. :censored: !!! Again smoke & mirrors. Robby has a Guinness record which he created in the 1/4 mile. Far from making him the worlds fastest golf cart. There are a lot of golf carts in this world that has done the same thing that he has done. Changed out the stock motor & rear end in order to reach those speeds. Now he does claim to be 90% golf cart. He does reveal the fact that he has changed out the entire Electronics plus the stock battery pack. He goes on to even clame to have a modified DC motor. While at the same time advertising for his golf cart motor business. Now I will admit a 90% golf cart at his speeds are remarkable. But his 90 % claim falls short . Although he does mention running a modified DC motor he leaves out the fact that he runs a Ford 9-inch rear end. And while claiming what better way to advertise for his high-performance golf cart motor business than to drag race he leaves out the fact that the dc motor that he has bolted to his ford 9 inch rear end is not even a golf cart motor nor even a motor that he sales.

Bad advertisement. Bull :censored:. Smoke and mirrors. I say all three. And now he has claim to a 200 mph golf cart. OMG !!!!! This guy needs help. And for you guys that don't believe what you just read. Go to YouTube it's all there.. A Don't fool yourself. Robby gets his rocks off coming over here form time to time stirring the pot just to read what I have to say about his accomplishments in life.

Really Robby. :photo:


I'm still waiting for the "pay-per-view" event that Robby Steen from Plum Quick told us all he would be involved in. :dazed:

Where did your read Robby is claiming 200mph?


Someone had posted here a few months back that Robby had bought 1 or 2 DSR chassis. I heard he's redoing the front suspension on them. :eek: :rotflmao:



It's crazy to think somebody could glue up some stupid :censored: like this and sell it to the public and then proclaim to be the best of anything.

Plumquick.com is fake as it gets...