Wifes EZGO Workhorse


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Bought this EZGO Workhorse last year for my wife to use around the yard.
Tweaked it a bit. Put an electric lift on for the bed, installed turn signals w/flashers, and shorter belt for better low end. Lifted 3" and installed 22x11x8 Saharas with 8" black steel wheels and chrome lug nuts and center caps.


Nice Workhorse... I've been looking for a decent Workhorse for a couple years now but every one I look at is beat to hell and they want top dollar for them.


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No, you can put a top on it. I just havnt worked too hard at it. I'd like to do some sorta cage with a soft top. Although, when she burns I get to moisterize her. :thumbsup:


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S, Just wondering if you have done a cage yet? I have a 99 workhorse,and was trying to get ideas.

Thnks mexe


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Welcome Mexe S did install a cage on it he hasn't posted here for a while, maybe he'll stop in.

here is a picture of it now, i hear he races it on the weekends.