Why would you plug the crankcase vent?


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I've had this used cart for a year without any real problems. Last weekend I was driving around and "bang" the oil filler cap blew off. Knowing all to well the cause, excessive crankcase pressure, I started to investigate. I found where someone had put a screw into the crankcase vent hose right where it hooks into the aircleaner box. Why would anyone do such a thing? There is no way it got there by accident. I had to cut it out. Would it cause the fuel pump to pump harder with more pressure in the crankcase? This cart also seems to run hot, I think it's running to lean. It will backfire when you turn it off. Any ideas????
Thanks, Jay


More than likely someone pluuged the vent because it was pumping oil into the air cleaner box. Does the cart smoke at all?


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No, not that I can see. My wife drove it to the bus stop this morning, long driveway, and noticed it was a little low on power. A little "doggy" at one point. Then it was fine.

A little history may be in order. It must have been a grounds keepers cart as it had a dump bed. A little rough, but the price was right. I had planned an overhaul this last winter, but it was so #$%@#$ cold it never got done. Now I need to get through one more summer. I have found this thing so handy here at home, I may campain for it to stay home and buy another one for the weekend place where it lives all summer.


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Yeah, it was probably pumping oil into the filter housing and carburetor, making it smoke and run crappy.