Why is Reverse faster than Forward?


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Hey Team,

Recently purchased a renovated '96 EZGO Electric Non-DCS cart. It runs well, but has an odd trait. It goes MUCH faster in reverse than in forward.

Have been trying to diagnose this problem for about 2 months on a competing forum-based web site, which was helpful, but has not resolved the basic problem described above.

Believe it is a series-dc cart.

Recently, tried reversing the field leads at the motor.....which resulted in no FORWARD but REVERSE still worked as before.

Afterwards, placed the field leads back in the original position.....then tried reversing the armature leads at the motor....which resulted in no FORWARD (once again), and REVERSE worked just fine (again).

The orange "reverse 1/2 speed" lead is currently disconnected.

The cart appears to have a new controller, but the rest of the wiring harness is suspect looking......not necessarily in agreement with the average EZGO wiring schematic....hard to tell. There is one large black lead from the controller which is just hanging down (possibly intentionally unused).

I am wondering if possibly there are reversed leads at the controller....or if any of you has any insight into the "why is it way faster in reverse" problem.

Appreciate your help...this one is stumping me.

Thanks a ton,

Wild Bill


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Ya know Bill, I have never gotten a concrete explantion on this one either. Sometimes I wonder if it really occurs, or if we just perceive it to be faster in reverse because we are conditioned to going forward. Just for fun, have you measured the speed over distance in both modes?


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I think all electric carts are this way. I've tried it with a Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and a Star. They all seem way faster in reverse, maybe I'm crazy.


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My Cart Is Not Only Faster In Reverse But Climbs Hill's Better In Reverse It's A Industrial EZ-Go Front Looks Like A Marathon.My Neighbor Has A Marathon That's The Same Way ! Must Be An Electric Thing !