Whine noise with NO power


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A good friend is out using our river place this week and called to say he is experiencing difficulty with our EZGO used gas powered golf cart. I am not sure on the model or year, but hopefully after describing the problem those details will not be pertinent.

He said he drove it down to the dock in the AM with no problems, ran his boat, came back to drive it back to the house and only got an electric whine noise, no power, no nothing. He checked the oil and it registered on the dipstick, but below the low mark. The only other thing he mentioned is that it appears the flywheel is not free spooling like the flywheel on a friend's Yamaha cart.

Does it sound like it could be a problem with the starter/generator brushes or am I looking at something more serious like a seized engine?

Sorry for the limited details, but I am in So. Cal and the cart is in AZ. Thanks for any help...
Not sure if it will be of any help or not but I had the same thing happen to mine and it turned out to be a loose belt on the starter/gen.I tightened the belt and solved the prob.