Which Desktop and Mobile Browser Are You Using


I was curious about which browser members are using on desktop and mobile devices. IE has always been a PITA for website developers and Microsoft has announced they are dropping support on IE11 and Edge. MS says they are working on a new browser that will use Chromium to replace IE and Edge.

The reason I'm asking is I still have to check the website and forum with IE to make sure it's working as it should with IE. Most browsers other than IE are pretty compatible with each other so once MS drops IE I may stop checking the forum with it unless a lot of members are still using it.



I know there's a issue here with the similes and IE11. When you add a smiley the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the thread. It only seems to happen with IE11.


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Samsung tablet. Ma has desktop in home office. I have one in shop office I haven't used in years. Whoops, have a laptop I haven't used yet lol


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Fire fox, edge, Safari, also some Samsung pad
Windows 10 windows seven windows XP Pro Samsung something iPhone God knows what else

Glen Batchelor

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Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, etc are all webkit API browsers. Same browser, different skins and toys. Opera is a really good browser now and I often have to use it to fall back to older web tech that is now "banned" from webkit like old flash and silverlight crap. I use Chrome, IE11 and Opera. I can't live with just one browser in this day and age. Edge, is a total waste of disk space but you can't get rid of it in Win10.