Which controller??

doug powell

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I am trying to convert a Marathon 36 volt golf cart to get a bit more speed and torque. If I go to 48 volts I understand the series wound motor will work OK and I will need to put on heavier cables and a 48 volt solenoid and a controller to replace the Curtiss one on there now. I hear that an Alltrax controller will work, but which one??

OR, can I get a little more speed and torque by staying at 36 volts and just putting in a new controller and heavier cables?? Thanks. Doug


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Either way I recomend upgrading to 4 Ga cables. If you only upgrade the controller you will get more speed and torque depending on which controller you go with. With 500amps you will notice a large difference, and of course 650 even more. Either upgrade you will need to also make sure you have a HD solinoid, with a marathon you may already have one in it...i cant remember.


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On a series wound motor a high output controller will only raise your torque output via more amps to the motor. Speed is determined by voltage, all other components remaining the same of course. Convert to 48v and use an Alltrax AXE 4844 programmable controller for street use on 18.5" diameter tires. If you are lifting the cart and running 22" or larger consider a 500amp or higher unit.


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Before you buy a controller higher than 400a from Alltrax for a stock series motor you might talk to them. When I was talking to a old friend recently (Damon Crockett-founder of Alltrax) he told me a stock motor would not draw more than 275a no matter what you were doing.