Which A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit is Better


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Which A-Arm golf cart lift kit is better?
I'm looking at diffrent a arm lifts for my 02 ezgo..i really love the chrome strech plastics lift but the shocks lean way in and look funny..

The jakes lift has a true a arm top and bottom and looks stronger as the strech has a arm bottom and a
single bar arm top.the jakes shocks mount more up and down and look better and stronger to me, what's the cartaholics opinions?


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The lift Alpha Carts sells is by Terra Toys, probably the best of the 3 from all I've heard. I think he is a sponsor here but HRC can correct me if I'm wrong. Allsports makes a nice lift also.


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thanks slim..im adding up the votes for another month and thats who im gonna buy from..
jakes is looking good so far but alfas is very sturdy looking also,thanks again,john


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it really depends what you are going to use the cart for.... all the kits are better than stock

terra toys is hard to get a hold of and to get spare parts for his kit..

strech plastics is a great off the shelf, for the fast and off road carts a shock upgrade would be nice....

there is a disc brake kits for the strech long travel kit..

all sports has a nice 02 kit that doesnt widen the wheel base and still turns on a dim...

but it still goes back to what are you going to use the cart for


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The Terra Toys and Strech front ends were designed with some duning in mind, hense the wider stance. That Strech front end rides like a pillow in the dunes.