where to start...


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Well my username is shootrig and I ain't talk'n about using a camera! other hobbies - where to start, in no particular order:

  • hunting
    • upland
    • migratory
    • large game
    • small game
    • varmint
  • fishing
    • fly
    • bass
    • any other kind too, never tried salt though.
  • shooting
    • sporting
    • 5-stand
    • trap
    • skeet
  • archery
    • long
    • compound
    • cross
  • ATVing
  • camping
  • boating
  • off-roading
  • muscle and sports cars
  • gardening (but I suck, just no time)
  • wood-working
  • Golf-Cart bug has finally bit me
Honestly, I have so many hobbies and interest that I am not really-really good at any of them, but have fun in all of them


I still have a huge HO track and a bunch of the original Tyco and Aurora AFX cars from when I was a kid. At one time I had it setup in this house in the basement when my kids were younger. A couple years ago I walk out to the garbage to throw something away and my boxes with the track and cars in them were sitting there next to the garbage cans. So I brought them all in the garage and come in the house and my wife says yep I threw it all out, didn't think you would ever use it again. :mad: :rotflmao: