Where to get my batteries?


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I have been tooling around on my 79 trike EZ-GO with three regular car batteries for a couple months and now I would like to put some real batteries in it . Due to my tight finances I can't afford the six six volt batteries but was wondering what deep cycle 12 volt batteries might be good? I realize my range and so forth won't be as great as it would be witht the sixes but anything will be better than the car bats. I would like to go to a battery or golf cart specialty shop but they seem to have some really high prices around here. Any national chain stores have a decent battery for a decent price? Thanks!!


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Yeah like I thought, the sixers are always kinda high. It kinda sucks being poor
I like your "If it has Tits or Wheels it will give you Problems" signature. So if we paint a pair on a cart it will never run then right?


You can get 12 volt deep cycle batteries at Sam's or WalMart at a decent price. I'm not sure how they'll perform for you in a golf cart but chances are you'll wish you spent the extra cash and bought golf cart batteries...