Where to get HDK Parts?


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Anyone know where to get HDK parts? I have recently gotten a 2011 HDK, but am having some difficulty finding things like Roof Top, and Windshield.



I haven't seen any HDK parts or accessories on any of the golf cart parts suppliers websites. The only places I've been able to find parts and accessories for them is on the HDK website and some stuff on ebay and Amazon. Maybe some others members will be able to help you out.
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Thanks for the info. From what I found so far, it seems HDK has changed to EVolution, ev-ev.com. Will call in the AM to see if that is true, but for others info.


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Does anyone know if an HDK rear axle can be swapped for a club car, Yamaha, or another brand? My differential gears are shot but I cannot find parts numbers to order or where to order


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Do you think pulling this rear axle out and swapping it with another brand might work? What would be some of the challenges?
I had a Jeep an swapped rear end for a Ford Rear end ... just for reference ...


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Well if you measure good I don't see why that wouldn't work might be some fabrication involved should be doable