where to buy alltrax controller


has to be more than 2 main places to buy from.

what a joke a certain ******* unlimited wants $64.80 in ups to ship a controller forget that i will pay more somewhere else than get boned on that

whats it weigh like 2 - 3 pounds like $15 - 20 max

only 2 places come up that sound trustworthy that one and cartzone, but there a little i think

oh well rant over


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just call one of the sponsers here if you don't see what ya want. you can trust these boys


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im not set up with alltrax yet im working on that deal....

now yes $64.00 for shipping seems high but th controllers does weigh more than a couple pounds

for me to ship anywere in cali ups min is $12.00

and if its being dropped shipped from alltrax in or... they might also charge a $10.00 drop fee

just a heads up

not sure where you are located and if you can wait a week i should be set up with alltrax...

i still wouldnt use it with a stock motor on a series if you do you might be needing a motor soon


It shouldn't be a problem with a series cart. I've built plenty of series carts and used a 650 amp Alltrax with the stock motor and never had any problem. 4 gauge or bigger cables, HD buss bars and HD solenoid is highly recommended though.
DCS and PDS is another story with high amps and stock motors...


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HR thanks for your input...

i have never used just a controller on a series we would do a controller and motor

and just a controller on PDS carts

we have a 2 cart build starting and one cart a limo so i talk to Tony at alltrax and ask

if you where going to chnage just the controller which one would you use and he said stay away from the series....

these are going to be a 4 seater and a 6 seater non lifted for the bat area so some good hills to climb....

good to here you have done just a controller on a series cart

Tony has always had good info...

what kind of torque or speed did you get with your series with the upgrade????


On a series cart you will only gain torque when you increase amps with the stock motor. It's a noticeable increase in torque and lot less speed loss when climbing hills. Top speed will stay the same with the stock series motor unless you re-gear, add voltage or change motor on a series cart.


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I bought a rebuilt 1204 controller from www.golframa.com for a very reasonable price and was quite pleased with the performance. Cost was less than half everybody else was charging.

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i have pricing now so what alltrax controller were you wanting and a zip code so i can figure shipping for you