when hot diesels


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What year is the cart? Does in smoke when it gets hot? I've worked on a lot of older Club Cars that had problems like your having. It may have carbon build up on the piston and it will cause the compression to go way up. I'd start with a compression test and a valve adjustment.


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I've heard that if the butterfly valve in the carb is not completely closing, it will allow fuel to get into the cylinder and create an ignition. May check that the carb adjustment is correct.

As I have heard, the linkage in the black box should be adjusted (the 10mm nut on the inside, and the one on the outside) to have the linkage at the carburetor to just begin to try to open the butterfly value. By running threads in and out of the black box, the carburetor is affected.

I am no mechanic, but I have had this problem, and have had lots of advices on what to fix.

So, I thought I'd give you the 2 cents worth that someone gave me - pay it forward so to speak.



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the carb butterfly was not closing. I adjusted the linkage and it seemed to stop
dieseling almost compleatly . May need more adjustment or have an carbon
buildup problem. will find out more during the off season.

Thank you!


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I have the diesel problem also I was wondering where that black box is located.
I have a 2006 gas club car