When battery acid overflows.....


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When a bit of battery acid overflows after charging, does that always mean you have too much in the cells, or can there be other reasons? Or is a little overflow normal?


You probably have too much water in the batteries, if so they will spill while charging. Make sure the water isn't up in the neck of the fill hole.


You can rinse them off with a low pressure garden hose. Or a mixture of baking soda and water then rinse with the garden hose.


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Thanks for the replies.
The fluid is barely over the plates, so I wondered why it was still overflowing. Didn't know if it was indicative of some other problem with the battery.


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Thanks Gale,
Hmmmm.....that's a possibility. I ride mine on very bumpy terrain. I'll keep my eye on it and see if it happens just after riding it, and not just checking it after its charged. I may be confusing when it happens. Thanks!