wheelchairmans g-ride


Hey guys I have a 05 yamaha Pro Hauler 1000

I got it like 15 months ago and since then it has gone under the knife several times. It started out getting cristened by a tree on the trails then a couple weeks later ups dropped my warn 2.5ci off
its first trip to grandpas house now to tweak my governor and figure out why the engine isnt getting fuel both parts are pointed out here


showing the trails to the jeep(aka Rodney)
well guys thats the point Im at as of now
stock 14mph 7" ground clearance 22" tires and mud flaps-gas 1.69/gal
now 26-28mph 9.5" ground clearance 26.5" tires no flaps-gas 2.37/gal


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Looks good. You've really made some changes from stock. Very cool!!

Man, just be careful on that thing. J/K
Go wild and have fun, looks
like you do!!!!

And don't forget, spriddle is naked.


Hey wcm nice tires but you wont be the only one with big shoes for too long.
I ordered a xl mudlite deep lug bigfoot kit from atvoutfitters.com. They should arrive soon.


its still being built

just takin longer than expected

we are in the middle of a big ice storm and his shop is out of power ...his generator is being used to heat his house


Make sure you posts some pics as soon as you get it back. I'm looking forward to seeing the Hauler with the full cage.