wheel & tire selection


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I am new. Picking up a 04 Yahama G22 to begin customizing.
I guess I will go with the Jakes Long travel lift kit and need some ideas of wheel and tire size selection. I want a cool looking wheel. My campground won't allow super agressive treads so mild ones are OK as I will be doing some off road hill climbing. Will 20 or 22 inchers fit? Will i need any type of wheel spacers or off-set rims? Where can i go on the net to see some sample wheels and tires?
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you can go to



and click on out link below for a wild selection of wheel and tire combos....

for the G22 all sports has avery nice lift kit.... ill post pics soon we just installed one on an 8 seater


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American made lift is always the best way to go, top notch service from Allsports