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I have a 98 EZ-GO TXT and am looking at getting some aftermarket wheels. My question pertains to the ability to use the same aftermarket wheels one would order for a non-lifted cart and then use the same wheels with a lift and bigger tires installed later on down the road. Is the backspace/offset the same on non-lift vs. lifted tire/wheel combos?
Also, are the rivets that hold the dash in place special? I see them for sale on the web for a pretty steep price. Are they aluminum or special size? Could I just go to my local hardware store and source them?

I've learned alot from reading this forum and appreciate the help.


You would need to make sure the wheels you buy are offset if you wanted to use them with "most lifts" Most of the aluminum wheels are offset but you would need to make sure before ordering them.


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this is the offset you would look for if yoor going to lift your cart later and want to use the same wheels.... 3+4 or 2+5

also keep in mind the when you buy a wheel and tire kit already mounted it will same you alot of $$$$$

to buy a tire by it self and then you take it to the local tire shop then they are going to charge you for dismount and mount....

now for the rivits they are specail but can be bought they are called a split rivet works they are alum wwith black anadized...

what prices are they on the internet????


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i havent heard of the Vampire do you have a pic and who is it made by????

after a few years the black fades off.... i cant do any better than $1.00 i pay alot and i buy the 100's at a time for my hardware guy not the golf cart guys....

you can check with your supplier black looks better my

but and 3/16 split rivet will work


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well just got off the phone with ITP and that is not there wheel.. do TNT golf carts super store is faults advertising the wheel saying its a true ITP SS wheel

its a Gate Way wheel and we dont sell the product... they do not stand behind there Product... also ITP told me that Gateway was buying the caps and putting them on there on wheels so now they dont sell to Gateway either....

is there another joice????


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Well, well, interesting developments, to say the least.

I really like those ITP112 14" you have listed. What would final price be to my door?(52213)

o Will these rub on my cart? (98 EZGO Txt)
o Able to be used later in a lifted configuration?

Thanks for all your time in answering my never ending questions.

I like your hot rod wagons. I built one for my boys about ten years ago, but the body is made out of wood and coated in red rubber coating. It rolls on front lawn tractor rims/tires and has a sectioned front lawn tractor axle for no tip steer. I also mounted marker and tail lights that are powered by a small trolling motor battery. I got bored with that and built a removable stereo system that mounted to the underneath. then I built a front dash with steering wheel, grille and fog lights for headlights. Then came the chrome exhaust tips out back.
By then, it got a little heavy with all the stuff AND both boys in it. So now it sees most duty being towed behind the lawn tractor.


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Only six inches wide for the SS112? I'm guessing the SS312 is the same. I really would like to have a wide wheel to stretch that tire out wide. I like that king of stance, kind of like a lifted 4X4 with smaller diameter wheels, but wide width to the tread. Remember the movie, "Romancing the Stone" with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner that had the blue ford pickup called, Little Mule? That's the stance I like.

The "bullet" looks just like a classic Crager SS mag. A little dated for my taste plus my cart is yellow/black and I want the rims to tie into the color scheme. I'm also somewhat a anti-chrome kinda guy.

The "Epic" looks good; a little too much black vs. polished in my opinion. I really like the covered up lugs, though. Looks great that way. Rim reminds me of a Rockstar rim for trucks. What kind of price for a set of those with street tires in a 14" size?

Are there rims out there that are really wide and could be used in both a non and lifted cart configuration? 12" rims would be fine by me as well; just thought 14s would be cool to have as I haven't seen anybody with them on.


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the epic also doent have the right offset for both lifted or stock carts

the low pro tire for the 14" wheel is 21" tall so the wheel have to have a center or - offset to fit under the body....

i have some 14x7 wheel coming but i think there going to be 2+5 offset thats a good offset for the lifted carts....

i understand just wanting to change tire when you lift... but i think its just best to buy what you want for the stock height cart and if or when you lift then sell the old whels and buy what you want for the lifted cart...

we also carry the bullet and epic wheel too... bullet i dont think is a 14" wheel yet...


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Well, since my cart is currently in pieces up on jackstands and to simplify my life and wheel choices, I believe i will put a lift on the cart now. I ran the idea by the wifey and, much to my surprise, she agreed.

So now I'm looking for wheels for lifted carts, but if the 14" is 21" total with a street tire would it look silly have street tires and a lift? I don't really need off road tires and the cart will be mostly on paved streets.

So what 14" styles would work now?

Mr. Wicked, how decent does your $89.99 lift work and how does one lift the rear with that kit?