What Year Model EZGO

Texas Old Fart

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Hi guys, New member same old questions. I looked but did not find the info in Resources. I have an EZGO Textron Manu by Polarus - Ezgo number: 80E3 199215. It has an electric motor mounted perpendicular to the diff. with tapped coil resistor and mechanical contact accelerator. It has slotted and keyed rear axles. It has the forward and reverse lever by the leg and key would be there also if it had one.
I just bought it 2 weeks ago and am fixing it up for hunting and farm duty. It has nearly new batteries and the charger (36 volt 18 amps) now works properly.
As soon as I learn how I will send pics.
At present I am going thru cleaning contacts and replacing cables.
I would like to find the right wiring diagrams.
It has a problem with low power in forward but great power in reverse.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks TOF